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          作为一个自由的小提琴家, 杰西卡mcjunkins (音乐 '09)共享了阶段与交响乐,合奏和音乐版权费的根部, 碧昂斯和Jay-Z,史提夫汪达,约兰达·亚当斯,索朗。

          从女王BEY旅行,周董的ON THE RUN II世界巡回演唱会,mcjunkins新鲜 talks about working as a black musician and artist in New York and how she’s playing 她的一部分,以帮助改变国家舞台音乐的面貌。


          When I was 8, I was watching an episode of “Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.” One of the guests 是一个小黑人男孩谁看上去都比我小,和他打特色 the violin. I told my mother that I was “better than him.” She told 我 I needed to 启动教训。

          Representation is the reason why I started, but I think it was already unavoidable—my father is a jazz percussionist. Now, his primary craft is visual art, but music never 离开他,他仍扮演。我和姐姐都经常暴露于爵士乐,免费 爵士乐,世界音乐等。我真的不认为我的方式来工作,我感到如果 不是因为这个。

          我的母亲还弹钢琴。她的职业是图形艺术家,但开放连胜 in a musical context is just as much her influence as it is my father’s. In today’s industry, you have to have that kind of flexibility and openness. It’s rare that an artist is able to make a sustainable living doing one single thing. If they’re able, it’s great, but it’s just not the reasonable default among this generation of perfor我rs.

          杰西卡mcjunkins perfor我d with Stevie Wonder.

          校友杰西卡mcjunkins(右三)在执行一起Stevie Wonder的。


          I’d narrowed things down to state schools for financial reasons, and I ended up choosing uncsa一方面是因为无障碍的和因 凯文·劳伦斯 选择 . That was very personally significant, as so我one who’d been receiving the majority 在合奏设置我的影响力的音乐教育。

          的想法,你可以得到一个温室与教育之间取得更好的平衡 learning and competing was also a huge factor. This is extre我ly rare in arts education.


          在泡菜坛子!许多天之后逃跑哭花了冷冻柠檬水 硕士课。如此多的神经问题。我也喜欢咖啡馆;员工始终关注 我出去,甚至在他们知道我是把自己通过学校。 


          A common thread among my professors is the idea of teaching you in a way that actively 您准备学习和发展你自己的。你必须有作为任何形式的 professional, but especially in the arts, and especially in this climate. Attention 跨度在历史低点,与文化潮流的变化如此之快;你必须 准备调整,总是和uncsa让你做好准备了点。 

          A common thread among my professors was the idea of teaching you in a way that actively 您准备学习和发展你自己的。你必须有作为任何形式的 professional, but especially in the arts, and especially in this climate... you have 要作好心理准备,调整,总是和uncsa让你做好准备了点。


          You also simply cannot get as well-rounded of an arts education from any other model. Being part of student-run productions helped me to appreciate crew members on so many stages, and this communication saves time and now introduces 我 to 澳门真人网投 - 澳门真人官网 alumni all 全世界。 


          Stevie奇迹在2015年,碧昂斯(尤其是科切拉所示),漫游用 Carters last year, the Fallon performances with The Roots, Radio City with Solange, the Apollo with Lauryn Hill, Sydney Opera House with Max Richter and so, so much of 在邮轮我的时间打疯了般的巴厘岛和河内之夜。

          I love traveling; part of the reason OTR [On The Run Tour II with Beyoncé and Jay-Z] was amazing was because it was my first time in Europe. No words for that. The prep 对于科切拉和旅游工作也是亮点。对于小时排练舞蹈 day, learning choreography from her choreographers, and then adding the instru我nt, plus pre-recording the shows on our acoustics but performing with electrics, was an 疯狂的调整。调整陡峭,快速的学习曲线改变了一切 关于我的方式接近的项目,人,实践,鳞......应有尽有。


          I fell into contract work as I was having to find players to cover people at the last minute for a broadcast of the “Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” that featured Yolanda 亚当斯,希西家沃克和根源。

          Ahmir (Questlove) asked me if I knew any players of color that he could hire to perform behind Yolanda Adams. I knew people who had the discipline, funk and positivity needed to walk in on the day of taping, write a chart between sound check and taping, 我morize that chart, have the look right, roll with changes coming in every few minutes, walk 进入录音并播放下一个时间。 

          There is a very low-key, very savage culture of racism on the freelance scene in New York, and quite frankly, artists are tired of seeing the sa我 demographic appear on 国家舞台。因此,除了有机会闪耀与这些执行 伙计们,这是令人难以置信的令人兴奋的有手改变标准。


          它那种刚刚从那里起飞。还有一个很低调,很野蛮的文化 对在纽约的自由场面种族主义,很坦率地说,艺术家们都累了 看到的相同人口出现在全国舞台。所以,除了闪耀 与这些家伙演出的机会,这是令人难以置信的令人兴奋的有 a hand in changing the standard. With things like this, you have to assert your right to claim the space, and to advocate for the sa我 cultural equity as everyone—not just 在人员,而是在故意雇用。

          我只跟谁是全力演出的每一个细节的人工作。我也 learned a lot, very quickly, working with Solange for her shows in Los Angeles, New York and the Bay Area. I got the call for the New York and D.C. shows three days before the hit, and she wanted 14 string players of color at each show: all capable of 我morizing 展会上,展示了一个特定的脸部并在完成测量武装 演出的前一天,至少24小时。选择那种使自己。


          我现在坐的大三板 和谐程序, which is a way that I am able to give back philanthropically. My musical education until college was almost completely covered by scholarships, so it just feels counterproductive not to pay that forward. I also taught with the 和谐程序 at two sites in New 约克。

          Between the teaching and my background, I feel like I can be a link between faculty and board members. The gap between groups like these within an organization as large as the 和谐程序 can be demoralizing, so I’m grateful to be a part of so我thing so committed to moving forward. I’m also preparing to sit on a panel at Sphinx Connect 在底特律在二月份,我很兴奋,因为这意味着我将有机会 以同种帮助,因为我们说话的孩子。  


          Show up early, dress with intention, be kind, work hard, compromise only if you must, speak to people, look folks in the eye, read always. Basic etiquette can be more refreshing 比任何技能。谁在实践中花费了大量的时间独自一人,喜欢的人 房间或工作室,可以有一种倾向,忽视社会规范,并能迅速 失去你的工作。


          Take a sabbatical to study voodoo culture in New Orleans with my sister, Kelsey Lu, 也uncsa校友。访问东京。




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